The Honorable Tomas de Courcy (JdL, GdS), student to Mistress Inga in hraustliga.

Heraldic Achievement
Ermine, on a pale endorsed vert,three roundels argent

Non In Pane Solo

Tomas de Courcy is a graduate from Oxford who is now employed as a tutor for Charles Blount’s children in This Year of our Lord 1535 in Apethorpe Northamptonshire, England.

He first heard about the SCA at the Trethewy House Demo in Abbotsford.  It was several years before he had both the money, time, and transportation to join the SCA, but he always kept an eye on it.

His first SCA event was the annual war between the Barony of Lions Gate and the Barony of Seagirt in AS XXXVI (2002). He has been Webminister, Seneschal, as well as a number of deputy positions, and he has been an Event Steward or Co-Event Steward numerous times. He has been Arts and Sciences Champion at the Shire, Baronial, and Kingdom levels.

Tomas and Kayleigh

Tomas de Courcy enjoys Cooking, Baking, Rapier, Research, Games, Heraldry, Cartography, and Marshaling.