Her Ladyship Alice Percy, of Montengarde,  Protégée to Mistress Coryn of the Wode.

Alice is the organizing member of the Montengarde Culinary Group.

Her interests include historical domesticity, women’s lives and responsibilities, cosmetics, medicine, tailoring, cooking, and music.

She is a member of House Fine Lames.


Alice Percy is a set of personae, spanning several hundred years in the same family. Her status reflects the rise and fall of her family’s fortunes and the political and religious upheaval in England’s history.

Alice Percy I, circa 1390s
The first Alice lives in the shadow of Lewes Priory, the largest church in Sussex. Her husband is a wealthy franklin who owns a manor house and over a hundred acres of land. Her husband deals extensively with the nearby monastery, and has steadily grown in power and riches since the end of the Peasant’s Revolt.

Alice Percy II, circa 1540s
Alice Percy II is married to a gentleman who owns a large manor house and several hundred acres of land, having done extremely well from the recent dissolution of the monasteries. Their manor is located in West Sussex near the prosperous market town of Arundel.

Alice Percy III, circa 1600s

Alice Percy is a burghess and wife of a wealthy merchant.

SCA Resume

Public Events & Demonstration Service

Heritage Park – Ghoul’s Night Out, October 2013
Calgary Waldorf School – Grade 6 “knighting,” June 2014
Heritage Park – Ghoul’s Night Out, October 2014
F.E.O. Jr. High School – Renaissance Talk, Winter 2015
Heritage Park – Ghoul’s Night Out, October 2016

THUA/TUA Classes

Period Cooking & You: How to Get Started – Quad War, Quad Talks 2015
Introduction to Period Cosmetics – Yule, 2015 

Gate Service

Snoweaters 2014 – 3 hours
Winter War 2014 – 1 hour
Avacal Crown 2015 – 2 hours
Avacal Coronation 2015 – 2 hours
Dragonslayer/Hidden Treasures 2015 – 2 hours
Quad War 2015 – 2 hours 
Spring Grand TUA 2016 – 2 hours
Sergeantry Trials 2016 – 3 hours

Feast Stewardship/Service

The Feast of St. Cecilia – November 2014, feast coordinator
Newcomer’s Breakfast – Quad War 2015, prep assistance
Beltane – 2015, appetizer platters
Yule – 2015, serving assistance
Spring TUA – 2016, feast co-steward
Newcomer’s Breakfast – Quad War 2016, prep assistance
Sergeantry Trials – 2016, prep assistance 
Samhain – 2016, feast co-steward
November Coronation – 2016, pre-prep assistance

Event Stewardship/Organization

Beltane 2015 – co-steward
Twelfth Night 2016 – co-steward

Tournaments & Competitions

  • Montengarde Arts & Sciences Championship – Twelfth Night, January 2014
    • Entered Trotula’s hair powder and distilled rose water for comment.
  • Avacal Arts & Sciences Championship – Avacal Investiture, February 2014
    • Student judged the Principality Arts & Sciences competition. 
  • Montengarde Bardic Championship – Samhain, November 2014
    • Completed with storytelling entry “Tam Lin” and song entry “The Shepherd & The Nymph.” Awarded bardic championship, served as Montengarde Wild Rose November 2014 – November 2015.
  • Avacal Arts & Sciences Championship – Winter Crown 2015
    • Judged the Kingdom Arts & Sciences championship.

Officer & Administrative Roles

  • Montengarde Family Activities Coordinator – September 2014 – September 2016
    • Responsible for organizing, coordinating, and encouraging activities for families with children at Montengarde events.
  • The Montengarde Culinary Group – 2014 – present 
    • Responsible for many aspects of organization, scheduling, and advertising for the Montengarde Culinary Group, a monthly non-hierarchical gathering of period food enthusiasts.


  • Protégée of Mistress Coryn of the Wode, OP – August 2016 – present 
  • House Fines Lames – 2014 – present
  • Student of Mona Caterina &tc., OL – 2014 – present  


  • Golden Link at Montengarde Samhain 2014
  • Wild Rose at Montengarde Samhain 2014
  • Award of Arms at Borealis Winter War 2015
  • Rose Petal at Montengarde Beltane 2015Rose Petal at Montengarde Samhain 2015

You can aso find Alice at her blog about cooking and feast prep, sewing, service, and general SCA stuff: Alice Percy of Montengarde