Pressganged Theatre Company

12th Night 2010I was thinking back to the Pressganged Theatre Company which put on an annual play at Bard and a Banquet in the Shire of Lionsdale. Headed up by Master Luther Magnus and Don Pierce O’Brien it was started in 2001 and hosted a play every year till 2011, including two in 2004. In 2015 Luther brought it back to put on a play at that year’s Winter’s Tourney.


English Sugar Paste (short)

At the Apprentices Competition at Samhain we had to provide a one page documentation. Now considering that that is virtually impossible for me I did a long form which you can find here, and a short form. Which is this one.


Not Dead Yet

I have two blogs.  One I post to and no one reads and one I haven’t posted to since August 22, 2013 and gets about twenty views a week. Guess which one this is. Yep. I’m not dead.  But in May 2013 my son was born and my life got Read more…

A badge?

I’ve been debating getting a badge in the SCA.  What I’m looking at right now is this: Fieldless, on a bakers peel vert three plates but we’ll see what the heralds say about it.

Swetnam Chapters 2, 3, & 4

This is part of an ongoing project to summarize and provide SCA focused commentary on The Schoole of the Noble and Worthy Science of Defence by Joseph Swetnam, published in 1617.

For links to the other sections of the Swetnam Project please go here.

I am using this facsimile: for the project.


Chapter two of Joseph Swetnam’s work is less than three pages long.  That’s not enough for a whole post.  So I’ll put three chapters together here.

Chap. II. Declaring the difference of sundry mens teaching, with a direction for the entrance into the practice with thy weapons

There are innumerable styles and fashions of fighting.  Every man practices his art in a slightly different way.  Once you have settled into a style it is very difficult to change, even if there is a major issue with what you’re doing.

But true skill of weapons is never forgotten.  Even years later you will remember how to fight.  Even if you have just having seen someone else fight before you will remember some of it.  Similarly a man who doesn’t know how to swim may save themselves from drowning by remembering what others did.  If people are able to do this, how much more if they were trained from a young age.