I referenced Alessio’s work back in my post on Sugar paste. While I was doing that research I also came across a potion “Agaynst the stynkyng of the breathe”. Curious about a Renaissance mouthwash recipe I investigated.

This is from the translation by Wyllyam Warde from French to English in 1559 entitled “The Secretes of the Reverende Mayster Alexis of Piemovnt”.

Agaynst the stynkyng of the breathe.

Take rosemary leaues, with the blossomes, yf you can get them, and seethe them in whyte wine, with a little [D?]yrcge, Synamom, and Bengewin: and taking of teh sayde wyne oftentymes in youre mouthe, you shall fynde a meruaylous effecte


  • Rosemary leaves & flowers
  • white wine
  • Cinnamon
  • Benzoin resin (http://www.the-apothecary.ca/Benzoin-Absolute-wild_p_80.html)

I don’t think this is one I’ll be making, but it is kinda interesting.


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