This brings me up to date with my competition projects.  I have two more posts to be put up soon, one to do with an apple pie I made last week, and one to do with spice blends.  But both of these will be aimed directly at the A&S 50 rather than for other competitions.  I have several competitions coming up this year and I will continue to upload my research to this site.

If you’re curious as to why I enter so many competitions, it’s two-fold.  First, without competition I won’t do nearly as many projects, and won’t research them as much.  I find that competition gives me a set deadline that I have to meet and an expected level of research that I need to do.  Second cooking is something that I normally do in my own house or encampment.  I don’t generally cook feasts.  Thus there aren’t very many other ways of getting my work out into the community.  Also I find that it encourages other to give period cooking a try.

Returning to A&S 50, I have 5 years to complete 40 more cooking projects.  I have at least five competitions left this year, so I need to up the ante.  I’ll be trying to do a number of at home period dishes, like the apple pie I made, over the course of the next few months.  I want to be doing 10 projects a year.

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