Practice yesterday went wonderfully.  We held it at Fraser River Heritage Park again and we had some nice sunny weather.

After last week I had been thinking about and practicing footwork all week.  Godfrey had mentioned that I was lunging and planting, which was allowing him to step just out of measure then come back in to hit me.  Yesterday’s practice had a lot more movement.

Luther complemented me on my growing sense of measure.  I was able to hit targets that I used to fall just short of, or just off of.  I managed a number of thrusts over my opponent’s dagger, and was able to keep my dagger moving to defend myself.  I’m still throwing the occasional sloppy shot, but they’re slowly becoming rarer.

I also got some fighting in with Oak which is always fun.  He has a very different style than most fighters, so it lets me see what I do that is only effective against Tir Righ standard, and what I do that is good technique.

Because we were in the park we had a number of people come by and watch us, but we had two people come up to use and ask us about what we were doing.  We showed them some fencing, and Oak got out his heavy gear to show them that.  They seemed interested.  I”m hoping they come by next week.

I have three bruises from practice, one on the inside of my elbow and two on my chest.  At first I figured it was just normal bruising, and then I set up into my guard.  They form a line through the outside right of my guard and in.  Looks like I have a hole in my guard just to the right.  I’ll have to adjust my guard slightly out to cover that.  It’s interesting to see what I can learn from bruises.


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