Had a great time at Fencing last night.  Wait, what?  This is a food blog now?  No, this is a fencing blog.  Hmmm…. to be fair my Laurel was at practice today, does that connect my interests enough?  Ok then.  Back to the blog.

There were five fencers last night, two of us were being taught by Oberst Luther (his cadet and me) and one was being taught by Don Richarde (his cadet).  With Luther he had originaly planned on working on fighting from the knees, but both Alejandro and myself weren’t all that keen on it, as we have a generally good concept of it, and we don’t tend to need it as much as other things.  So he asked what we would like to learn.  Alejandro asked that at the next practice that Luther would be at if he could go over combatting various period styles, but that it wouldn’t work for today as it requires some research on Luthers end.

Instead we went over fighting someone you’ve never seen, and also one of Luther’s mainstays the semi-refuse stance where your feet are in presented, but your torso is twisted so your dagger is forward.  It was working a bit, so I plan to continue to use it and see if it’s a good fit for me.

I’m ramping up my fencing practices as I’ve got a few tourneys comming up soon.


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