We had a small, informal meeting on July 4th to talk through our ideas for the Samhain menu and enjoy each other’s company on Independence Day!

From top left: Independence Day cupcakes, rhubarb lemon squares, pita and dip, Norse Pies, and pea soup

I don’t want to give too much of what we’re planning away, but it should be a pretty fantastic meal. It’s the first time the Culinary Group has ever attempted a feast from start-to-finish all to ourselves, so the pressure is definitely on.

The theme is, roughly, Ireland in the 10th century – Caiaphas has a few interesting sources regarding how feasts were conducted in that place and time which he really wants to incorporate into the serving and eating of the feast, so we’re trying to make the food match his concept as much as we can. The challenge with that is that we don’t really have any cookbook evidence (which is what we usually base our dishes on,) so we have to go with what we know about what they were growing and eating from other sources.

The meal will be three courses, to keep things straightforward. (Soon-to-be Master Peregrine tells me they were only referred to as courses in period – remove is a term that didn’t pop up until the 1700s! Did you know that?)

Anyway, with the understanding that this is subject to extensive change as we test the recipes:

First Course: Oat and white bread, cheese, honey and butter (not honey butter!), and a soup.
Second Course: Bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin, honey-glazed chicken thighs, braised beef, armored turnips, roasted zucchini.
Third Course: Apple, pear and fig galette, and a special gluten-free surprise.

Until next time!

– Alice Percy


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