I’m off to Aquaterra’s All Champions event this weekend.  It looks like an interesting event.  You had to apply to compete, and you must have heraldry present with you.  It’s a challenge tourney.  Odd format though.

One person challenges another to a number of fights.  The challenged party chooses the weapons for the fight.  After all competitors have fought the fighters who the baroness believes fought the best/bravest/most honorable will receive tokens from her.  This happens for two more rounds, and then a champion is chosen.

I’m looking forward to it.

I’ll be heading down with Oak, and there are four other fighters competing.

Tomorrow at practice I need to practice with the other weapons, and I would like to get at least one fight in against Warrick, as he fights with a different style than I am used to.

Speaking of style, I’m a little nervous at fighting people whom I have never fought before, and don’t know the style of.  At practice tomorrow I’ll try out a stance that is purely defensive and is used to provoke your opponent into letting you know how he fights.  It’s some marrazo, but I’ve never tried it before.  Should be interesting.


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