When the Culinary Group was trying to decide this month’s theme, we had a tie – so, October was both Harvest Extravaganza and Apples, Apples Everywhere! 

We had two special guests this evening – Val (Caterina &tc.’s mom) who contributed a ridiculously delicious Tuscan focaccia, and Kevin, whom Brandi kindly brought along for us to meet! Lovely to meet you both, and we hope to see you again next month! 
Many of us are gearing up for the feast at Samhain which is occurring in a couple of weeks. The Montengarde Culinary Group (under the direction of Frances) is responsible for the food, so we’re all nervous and excited! Even with the event coming up so soon, we had a good turnout last night and everyone went away full and happy. 
Bottom row from left: hot buttered rum (Caiaphas), Rique-Manger (Alice), apple fritters (Kayleigh), raisin pottage (Brandi)
Top row from left: squash soup (Caterina &tc.), mincemeat pie (Asa), mushrooms and pine nuts (Sorcha and Arnaut), lamb and vegetable stew (Master Thorvald)  

Left to right: Palatschinken with home made apple sauce (Nicole), schiacciata con l’uva (Val)


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