Happy New Year!

At Twelfth Night this year, a huge and amazing German feast was planned! Unfortunately, the venue had some serious problems and the event stewards were forced to change venues at the last minute to somewhere without feast facilities. We decided to hold a theme of Twelfth Night for our Culinary gathering. 
It was a relatively small meeting – I think we had about eight people in the end – but it was actually really nice to have a chance for all of us to sit and chat over supper. It reminded us all of our very early meetings a couple of years ago when we got started! Back then, we were very happy to see a group of four or five on a regular basis. I love the hustle and bustle of having 14+ adults (and five or six kids!) in the mix, but a variety is nice and it helps us appreciate how far we’ve come.
Anyway, we had a wonderful range of dishes to sample on the theme. Many of us attempted to find “Christmassy” dishes to cook – I cheated and brought my entry for the Montengarde Arts & Sciences competition the following weekend for one more test run.
There’s lots more details about our specific dishes on our Facebook page, and we’d love to see you there! We are an extremely open group and always delighted to have new people join us. 
Caiaphas, overachieving as always, had four different alcoholic beverages to share with us. Tomas and Kayleigh brought a delicious period mincemeat pie (full of real meat and fruit, with a hand-raised pie crust!) and Asa treated us all to salmon pie (we get fish pretty rarely, so everybody was excited!) Master Thorvald made a delicious herbed lamb roast, and I brought my Anglo-Saxon briw (a savory pottage with lamb and vegetables) and sourdough bread.
Our (now) new baroness Brangwayn Hesson the Ever-present also joined us – she normally has other engagements on Mondays but was a foundational member of the Culinary Group, so we were super happy to see her! 
Grenache and Madeira by Caiaphas
Bottom row, left to right: Anglo-Saxon briw by Alice, mincemeat pie by Tomas and Kayleigh, herbed lamb roast by Master Thorvald. Top row, left to right: sourdough bread by Alice, salmon pie by Asa, buttered beer and hot buttered rum by Caiaphas.
See you next month!
— Alice


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