This is both an update on the first practice of 2013 for me and a test of the WordPress app for my phone.

Sebastian was back in town this week, so we decided to head out to practice. He hadn’t fenced since May, and I hadn’t fenced since the beginning of November so we were both knocking some rust off. We started out with some basic slow work and single sword work.

After that we each started fencing others and working on specifics. After a few bouts with one fencer don Godfrey recommended I think about how to fight against refuse fencers. In my next bouts I worked on attacking the opponent’s right elbow as a way to draw them out so I could take control of their sword and a way to limit their actions. It was very effective.

I fenced Sebastian again, and we played for a while trying out things and genuinely enjoying fencing together after so long.

Towards the end of the night everyone was winding down and I fought don Guido. He was nice enough to work with me on the same thing I had been struggling with earlier, controlling a refuse fencer. I learned a lot there about good ways to cut down on my opponents options, and to not give priority to their off hand weapons.

All in all a good practice, I had missed it.

I’ll be at the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium next month, so I’m planning on going to practice more this month to get ready.


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