Note to self, taking three weeks off is a little too long.  I had a rather punishing practice on the 14th.  I did my 50 lunges, and then worked on my dagger parries, we were practicing moving sword and dagger as one.  Then I started practicing with Don Godfrey.  It was rather punishing, but I learned some more about defeating beats.  I’m currently working on my footwork in conjunction with bringing my tip back online.

My new dagger is great, I”m loving it, but I need to add some leather to it before Winter’s Tourney, otherwise the grip loosens too easily.

Winter’s tourney is tomorrow, so I expect for all of this to be put to the test.  I’m hoping for a round robin so I can get a lot of practice in against various opponents.

The big one is Investiture, which is in four weeks, but I only have four oportunities to practice before then.  Here’s hoping.

Tomorrow is going to be my first time fighting in a tourney in almost two years, and my first time fighting in a championship in over two years.


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