Had a great practice tonight.  We started out with work on interception parries, something that I need to work a lot on.  We did them for about an hour or so, and then I worked with Sebastian on slow work.  Some great work on it, I haven’t worked with him in a while.  I noticed a significant difference.  I was feeling more confident, and was able to analyze appropriately.  We did slow work for about a half hour then went to some full speed.  The good news is that my aggression is pretty close to where it was before I stopped fencing.  The bad news is that though my thrusts are better, I need to become more accurate and controlled at my cuts.

After the full speed I took a break, and then worked with Cion, a new fencer.  Started him on working with sword and dagger, and getting him to remember he has two weapons.

In other news my wife is nearly done my new fighting doublet.  Also, my dress doublet is back from adaptations and fits much better.  I won’t be bringing my black doublet with me to AT War this weekend.  It will now officially be retired from events, and will become my practice doublet.


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