Had good practices the last few weeks.  On the 20th Godfrey came out and put me through my paces.  It was good to fight someone of his caliber again.  It reminded me that I’ll need to get out to other practices as I progress.  My accuracy is still lacking a bit, but it’s coming.  The biggest issue is that I’m a bit too predictable.  So Godfrey has me working on various multi-step attacks.  Planning out two to three attacks ahead.

This week we had two newer fighters.  One who had been out a few times, and one brand new fencer.  I love having new fencers out.  It gives me the opportunity to re-examine what the fundamentals are and to think about them in a different way as I try to help a new fighter understand the basics.  It made me think a lot more about proper hand positioning, and how the spine lines up for proper combat.  It was interesting to compare our combat stance with almost a dancers back posture to the postures I see and read about in historic manuals.  Though the back position we use is closer to that which I find in Swetnam rather than in the Italianate manuals.

I’m hoping that we continue to grow.  I’d love to get back to Lionsdale having a strong rapier contingent.  We’ll be at the Canada Day Family Festival in Abbotsford this week.  Hoping to attract some new fencers.


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