Had a great time at practice.  We did some running and high energy exercises.  There were a number of new fighters there.  I got to do some slow work with Giuame, and that was very good for helping me settle some actions, like fighting close.  Then I got to work with Godfrey and we worked on brawling and fighting close.  I had some trouble closing, but once I had I was able to be effective.

Two days later was Sir Eddies.  The fighting was good, and I fought about the level I expected.  About half way through the tournament I was pretty exhausted and allowed two very quick losses that should have been more difficult.  I managed to hold of most opponents for a while, and got in a few good shots.  My greatest weakness seems to have been when I let up the pressure.  I’ll have to work on keeping my aggression high.  I had only one fight that I did not like the outcome of.  I won’t go into a name here, but it was a fighter I had not met before.  Throughout the fight he threw multiple shots without being aware of his aim or the power behind it.  I have a sore hand from one particular shot which got him a talking to from Oberst Luther.  I also had to call a hit on him.  During an exchange I managed a beautiful cut across his hand while I had his sword out to the side.  He managed to move his sword enough to cut my dagger hand on our way apart however.  I put my dagger aside and turned back to begin the fight again to notice that he had not put aside his weapon and was in his guard.  I pulled back my sword to show that I wanted to talk and asked him if he had felt anything on his hand.  His reply “I thought I felt something, but I didn’t think it was there long enough”.  I replied that I saw it as a valid cut, and asked the marshal.  The marshal thought it was a valid cut, but asked Oberst Luther, who was watching the fight, his opinion.  Luther agreed that it was a very good cut and the fighter switched weapons.  The fight continued and I let a shot through my guard and he cut my arm.  I accepted the blow, and though I didn’t like the fight accepted the result.  After reporting I asked Luther about the fight and he told me that the final cut that ended the fight had no pull at all.  The other fighter had not called back his bad blow.  I was disappointed, but as I had accepted the result I told Luther that I would leave it with the whitescarves to work out.

The end result of the tournament was a top four with Don Godfrey, Warrick, Giuame, and Callen.  Godfrey and Warrick were out in the semi-finals, and Giuame won over Callen in a wonderful, skillful, and honorable finals, watched by Prince Ieuan.

With the one exception it was a wonderful tournament.


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