Back to fencing tonight after the winter break.  I’ve got two tournaments coming up, so I’m trying to get back on the horse in time.  First up is going to be Winter’s Tourney on the 23rd, which should be a lot of fun.  It will be my first full tournament in quite a while.  The next one will be Tir Righ Investiture a month later, which will be my first time fighting in a principality level tournament.  I suppose I need to renew my membership before then :).

Tonight’s plan is to start putting together everything that I’ve been working on, fighting close, counter-punching correctly, closing out lines of attack without needing to contact their sword, and dagger parries.

So the plan for the evening:

  1. 50 lunges against the pillar with dagger in off hand
  2. Work on dagger parries, hopefuly with Lucien (Lee)
  3. One on one fencing with rapier and dagger, getting geared up for tourney fighting

Luckily I have a new dagger grip.  It’s a bit short, so I’ll have to pick up something to use as a spacer tonight.


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