The Culinary Group is going to be busy in the next few months!

While we’re on break for July and August to make room for summer camping events (and maintain the sanity of our members,) many of us are still in high gear!

Caterina’s vigil and elevation to the Order of the Laurel will take place at Samhain this year, and many of our members had volunteered to help provide food and drinks for the vigil. As many of us are members of her household, we will also be participating in the elevation (some way or another.)

Where things get fun is the winning bid for Samhain was put forward by a team consisting almost entirely of other members of the Culinary Group. The current Bardic Champion is a member of the group, too. For one reason or another, the Culinary Group membership pool will be working on most everything at Samhain this year!

As we have quite a few folks doing double (or triple) duty, we’re having a small-scale meeting on July 4th to discuss coordinating kitchen time, carefully orchestrating volunteer shifts, and picking menus which will keep everyone happy and fed with a minimum of stress.

Not yet booked: A group day at the spa after Samhain for the entire crew…


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