We had a great event this past weekend.

I was running the Arts and Sciences competition and competing in the rapier war.  Upon arriving I talked to a friend of mine, Lord Kerry, who is one of Baroness Caitrin’s Sergants.  We were talking about my heavy armour being almost done, and he offered to loan me the extra pieces.  So I agreed, picked up my armour and we were good to go.  The Heavy war was up first on the saturday.

I had a blast as a pikeman.  I have a few favorite moments from the heavy war.  The first one was when I hit a friend of mine in the stomach during the bridge battle; it was a friend of mine who is also a fencer.  My next great moment was fighting beside Baron while we fought another knight and a few more.  Another great moment was towards the end of the last battle.  We had essentially won victory and were mopping up the last of the Segirtians when I saw their Baron Ming.  He was legged and the only other fighters near us were archers.  I called out for single combat with him.  I managed to stay alive for about two minutes, which was more than I, or anyone else expected.  A knight took my place and slew the baron.

The rapier field was fun as always.  The day was won by shields.  Though our side had more fighters, the other side had Oberst Luther, who is the best commander in the area.  But it was our shields that carried the day in the end.  We were victorious in all three scenarios.  The first was an open field battle.  Seagirt very nearly destroyed us by pinning down our shield unit, and harrying our flankers while sending another unit around to try to take down the shield unit (which I was part of).  Our unit commander passed command on and engaged the flankers, keeping them off balance and away from the shield unit until we took out the pinning force.  Once that was done it was mostly mop up work.  The second scenario was a gate battle. Both sides took turns attacking the gate and the best time won.  Our side managed to defend for almost five minutes, and theirs managed to defend for 2.5.  The third battle was a bridge battle with resurections.  There was an interesting addition with people allowed to enter the river if they were kneeling.  Again this was won by effective use of shields, and a bit by numbers.

After rapier I washed up and got things ready for the A&S.  The competition this year was Military Encampments.  So anything that could be found in a military encampment durring the SCA period.  There were four entries: pottery tankard and bowl, dog/hand cart, alchemists furnace, and portable icons.  My judges were Baron Ming from Seagirt, Baroness Caitrin from Lions Gate, and Viscountess Safiye (a Laurel).  The entries were very interesting, and it took almost twenty minutes of discussion to come up with a winner.  The eventual winner was Alena Cordovera with her portable icons.  Also interesting was seeing just how important having a laid out judging criteria is.  We started without using the forms, but during discussion we had to go back to them to figure out a winner.  It was very enlightening.

On the Sunday of the event it poured.  I hate packing up in the rain, but ahh well, that’s life.  We were waiting for the newbie tourney to be over so we could see court before heading home, but decided we couldn’t wait.  So we started saying our goodbyes.  When we said goodbye to Baroness Caitrin she told us we had to wait a few minutes.  She called an impromptu court right there on the tourney field.  I was called up and she made me her Champion of Combat.  She was inspired by my chivalry on the field, fighting Baron Ming one on one even though it was my first time on the field.


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