Practice last night went well.  Violante and I were working on a few things.  She’s trying to get practice with attacking on angles, and not moving straight in, while I”m working on defenses and spotting openings.  The two worked very well together.

I’m finding myself remembering how to see openings, and just starting to be able to take advantage of them. My movement gets more fluid by the day.  My base guard seems solid, and I”m working a lot on disengages.

We continued with only doing slow work, though there was enough light that we didn’t have to turn on the porch light to fight by.  My goal is that we will begin doing full speed work in the early summer, leading up to me returning to fencing at events mid summer.

After the slow work section (also known as when it started raining) we discussed various types of Dons and what to look for in a teacher or mentor.  I brought up something from “The Swordmaster’s Grimoire” on teachers and coaches.  I extended it saying that there are teachers, trainers, coaches, and advocates/cheerleaders.  When you look for a formal relationship with a more advanced fencer it’s important to know what you need.

I don’t feel that I am ready for a formal student/teacher relationship in fencing.  I want to continue to focus that energy on my A&S, especially as I will be stepping down as seneschal soon and will be able to devote more time to it.


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