April 25 Practice

Practice last night went well.  Violante and I were working on a few things.  She’s trying to get practice with attacking on angles, and not moving straight in, while I”m working on defenses and spotting openings.  The two worked very well together. I’m finding myself remembering how to see openings, Read more…

February 22 Practice

Yesterday marked the first of the new round of Lionsdale Rapier Practices.  We’re having them at my house in conjunction with A&S nights.  Because our space in the back yard is limited, and there’s only the one set of flood lamps, we’ll be sticking to slow work until there is enough light to fight safely by.


June 15 Practice

Had a great first practice back.  I am not currently allowed to fight more than about 15 minutes of slow work at a time, but as I was using my new sword that was probably a good thing.

First: I had forgotten how heavy a double wide was.  On the other hand it’s much harder for my opponent to push me out of the way.  It’s also significantly longer.