I’ve decided that since my projects are growing beyond single dish experiments I’m going to change how I count for A&S 50.  Instead of counting multiple recipes as one I will be counting each recipe I do.  This is partly to save my sanity, and partly because I just realized that I made five roman dishes for one entry.  That was a lot of research, redaction, and adaptation for just one thing.  So I think that it makes more sense to count individual dishes.

Doing this brings me up to 19 dishes instead of 10.  Because some dishes make their way into other entries as minor parts I have decided that each dish only gets counted once unless I made some major changes since the last time I made it.

Once I reach 50 recipes I will begin counting by project.  The reason for this is that I’m interested in seeing if I can do both 50 recipes and 50 projects for A&S50.

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