I’ve been super busy with work and projects the last month and haven’t had a chance to post here.

I’m currently working on a single entry for Tir Righ A&S this month.  It’s my return to coffins, this time I”m focusing on the coffin itself and am redacting some coffin recipes.  We’ll see how it goes.  It will be posted here once it’s done.

In other news my fencing is going well, though last practice I spent an hour practicing straight lunges working on my precision.  Later that evening during free sparing I kept using that attack much to my detriment.  I was just still so far in the straight lunge mindset that that’s the only shot I saw.

Maybe I should spend an hour practicing offline lunges next time :).

I’m working on being fully ready for Baronesses Tourney at the beginning of November, so we’ll see how that goes.  I’m using that tourney as a benchmark of my progress, as it’s about one year after I started fencing again.

I will post to here after Tir Righ A&S with an update about how the event went.


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