Yesterday marked the first of the new round of Lionsdale Rapier Practices.  We’re having them at my house in conjunction with A&S nights.  Because our space in the back yard is limited, and there’s only the one set of flood lamps, we’ll be sticking to slow work until there is enough light to fight safely by.

We had three fighters (well four, but only three practicing) yesterday.  Myself, Sebastian, and Violante (sp?).  The three of us took turns fighting together and watching.  Sebastian is treating it very much as a teaching practice, which I appreciate as I haven’t fought in six months.  On the plus side most of my guard is still there, I haven’t forgotten much.  I’ll take a while to get “fluent” in it as Sebastian says.  But with regular practices again I think I should be ready to fight again by the summer.

I’m very glad that I’ve been working on my arm strength with the l-sits again.  I’m almost ready to try the 15 second sets instead of 10 second sets.  I look forward to the time that I can do a full 30 seconds in a full L.  But that will probably take a while.

Anyway, yesterday’s practice (and probably most of them for the next while) was all about relearning how to fence.  I’ll try to post my thoughts on here like I used to.


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