Many years ago my wife and I started making turkey for SCA events, starting when someone told us that turkey wasn’t period. So of course we couldn’t let that stand and did the research. Now of course we were normally doing this for large events or for things where oven space was at a premium, or time at a minimum, so we’ve never been able to do it properly in a coffin. So I was very glad that the vote on my poll was for turkey, because this time I get to make it in a coffin.

Culinary Night spread


My recipe for roasted turkey (1590) is fairly simple:


  • Turkey
  • Bacon enough to cover it
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cloves
  • Butter – optional


  1. Debone turkey
  2. Season turkey
  3. Lard turkey
  4. put turkey in a coffin
  5. Bake turkey


This time I was only making turkey for about 6-10 people so I made a turkey thigh and leg.

Deboned leg and thigh

Parboil the turkey first

Then I made a coffin. I’ve started using Mistress Eulalia’s recipe for when I need a quick coffin as a baking dish rather than one that will be eaten. Mostly because I don’t want to be buying a dozen eggs every time I need a coffin.

It turned out really really well.

I learned a few things from doing this. First, the coffin contains the bacon grease really really well. So in effect you’re roasting the turkey in bacon grease. Second, a bacon infused crust tastes pretty good, even though it’s not as tasty as my standard coffin recipe, but I might recommend doing this with the egg based crust, I think it would taste amazing. Finally, I need to do more research on pie dolly’s, and what they would have used for a pie of a size to hold a turkey. Maybe a trap?




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